Client projects include:

Ireland* (zinc); N. Ireland (gold, base metals); Scotland (gold, base metals); Germany (tin); Spain* (base metals); Portugal* (base metals); Sweden* (iron ore, base metals).

Eritrea (Au, VMS); Ethiopia (VMS); Kenya* (gold); Tanzania* (gold); South Sudan* (Au); Madagascar (gold, Nickel-Copper); Morocco (copper); Nigeria (gold), Senegal (gold); Zambia (Iron ore, Cu); Zimbabwe (Au, coal).

Idaho (copper-cobalt).

* denotes desktop-based study (commonly project review/Due Diligence)

In addition, outside RWBEXP our team has also worked on projects in: South Africa (gold, coal, mapping).

Project Review & Evaluation

Initial project review/Due Diligence prior to investment.
Independent Review of existing projects.
Competent Personís Report (CPR).

Target Generation

Country-wide down through to regional-scale down to tenement review and target generation.
Historical data review & compilation for regions.
Project/Site reconnaissance visits.
Target review and ranking.

Project Management

Project management of all stages from Grass roots exploration through to resource drilling.
Design and budgeting of programmes.
Project Mangement (from fulltime field-based, through to remote, high-level supervision).

Technical / Independent Support

Technical input into on-going exploration programs.
Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Independent review.
QAQC implementation & management for all types of sampling; data validation, analysis and interpretation.
Database Management.
GIS support (Mapinfo/Discover, ArcGIS, QGIS, Leapfrog).

Geological Mapping

Geological mapping at all scales: reconnaissance, regional, project.
Geological/structural mapping for model generation/drill planning.
Satellite image interpreatation and target generation.

Staff Training

On-site training in mineral exploration techniques:
Geological mapping, soil sampling, trenching, drilling, general sample handling/submission, data handling, QAQC.